Seeing A Windows Protected Your PC Warning?

What To Do If You See A Windows Protected Your PC Warning?

When installing any of our updated software you may see the following warning:-

Ironically this is because we’ve made our software MORE secure. Since early 2019 we have started code signing all of our programs (anything written by SMTP Software who runs the website). The warning appears because Microsoft want to push developers into buying “extra trust” (Yes we can pay extra to have this warning removed immediately). We believe that trust is earned, not bought. By code signing our programs we are ensuring that what you download is what we have intended for you to download. IF any of our programs do anything nasty in the background then we can’t blame anybody else, we our 100% responsible. Over 20 years and with many millions of downloads none of our software has ever been found to contain anything malicious. Simply put it just doesn’t, we have zero interest in writing malicious code.

In order to install our software you will need to click on the “More Info” text which will confirm SMTP Software Ltd as the publisher, if this says anything else please don’t run the installer and report it to us ( If it does confirm the publisher as SMTP Software Ltd you are safe to click on the Run Anyway button. Again by code signing our programs you can be sure that what you have downloaded is what we intended, it will have been virus scanned and we ensure 100% that none of our programs contain anything malicious.

By going through this process and by our software only doing what it is supposed to do you are helping us build the trusted status in an organic way.

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